Extracurricular activities

We have all enjoyed different extracurricular activities throughout our time in school; Football, tennis, chess, different dances … even our own centers organized parties or celebrated events marked in our calendar, such as Christmas, Peace Day, Andalusia Day. These are special days and moments that we share with our friends and colleagues, but also with our teachers and parents.

When we talk about out-of-school activity, we are referring to all those activities that are developed outside of school hours and that complement the educational work carried out in the school (Santos, 1998). Having said that, we agree that extracurricular activities, as their own name says, should be activities that take place outside the established school hours, for the subsequent enrichment of the training of our students. This type of activities, should not be evaluated, since it is done outside of school hours and are not mandatory. Also, they should not be discriminatory with respect to the sex, age or religion of the students.

A few years ago, urban gardens began to become fashionable within proposals outside of school hours. And now, in extra curricular studies curriculum yoga, mindfulness, circus or cooking, as in the European Lyceum. And it is no coincidence, the generation of parents of children in Infant and Primary have gone to a world very different from that of grandparents. The priorities of the new generations have changed, both when choosing work and for forms of leisure and healthy living.(Kayser, 2017)

And, if we want the best for our students, we must offer them a wide range of choices, so that, little by little, they can discover their concerns and interests.


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