Our final conclusions.

As closure of the blog we have decided to give our opinions of how our ideal school should be and our points to consider in the education.

Alba: from my point of view my ideal school should be a place where the participation of the families became a essential factor to the learning process and of course the laboral motivation of teachers not only in the transmission of knowledge but in get the best of each student. The motivation is a fundamental key that helps that all the learning process have good results and to get the motivation, teachers should give dynamic lessons including new things like technologies among we find videos, powerpoints, films… and attend to the places outside of classrooms where knowledge can be apply better because break the rutine usually is attractive for children. In conclusion, the future teachers as us,we need to use the opportunities and materials we have nowadays to change little by little the traditional school and to do of this place a nice meeting where children stay comfortable

Sara: I think that the most important thing is the way that children see the school, its meaning for them. The school should be a place to learn all kind of knowledges, including transversal content and for them to be a place of motivation, where they enjoy surrounded by that familiar and comfortable enviaronment. In addition, it is very important the involvement of the teacher, if she or he knows their students and the methodology that they carry out. In my first year of primary education at the university, I have changed my point of view, learning above all the most important aspects such as group work and the connection that the students should have and how to work this aspects through activities.

María Claros: I think a point very important in a schoool is the evaluation. Always the teachers evaluate the knowledge through an exam. From my experience, exams are not a good way of learning and working, for this reason i think that they aren’t so important. There are some methods that are more succesful like projects. The cooperative work is very important for the development of students. With this teachers can evaluate other aspects apart of the knowledge. Also, children will get some values like to help each others, learn from their classmates and to respect different thoughts in order to be more tolerant.

Cristina: From my point of view and personal experience, school should be a place that children want to go everyday to enjoy playing with their friends. Moreover, children will study through a dynamic way, with a lot of different resources in addition to the text books. The best methodology it that one based on the cooperative work through which children can learn in collaboration with their classmates, having a good time while they are learning. Moreover, it is very important that families take part in the learning process of their children since education starts at home.

María Anton:  My experience this year in this subject has been rewarding. I have been comfortable in class, surrounded by nice people, and I have learned more in depth interesting educational topics. Although my destiny as an educator is going to take another course, the things I have learned in this subject will be useful.
From my point of view, I think that the school should be a pleasant place where teachers and students come to an understanding through dialogue so as to be able to learn both formal and moral aspects.




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