The interactive groups

The interactive groups is a way to organise the classroom which nowdays has been found better results regarding the dimensions the learning and of the coexistence. Through this new form of work the interpersonal relationships increase and diversify simultaneously as it is gained time in a work more effective.The groups are organized of hetergoneous form , there are some students who are fast doing the activities, in these cases the responsible must do the students interact with their classmates and they help them being cooperatives through the dialogue.Each group change the activity normally between 15 and 2 minutes, when they finish the activities the children could work three differentes activities about a content that it want reinforce or further. The teacher are the responsibles of the design and the planning of the session of these activities.The teacher have to design activities that break what they do in the other classes. The role of the volunteer people is a role of supporting both the teacher and the students.


Volunteer in a learning community: Los Aperones.

My experience in this center as volunteer person in the interactive groups have been very interesting. I´m very happy with my volunteer here in spite of the fear with which I entered. I have had the opportunity to be part of a different model of school. I would like to highlight the work of all teachers that  form this school because it is amazing all the projects and the activities that they do. I felt very comfortable in this spaces because although the context is not very appropiate the schoool has got to change the context and they have given the opportunity to all neighbourdhood the right of education. The school there is like the town hall and this is fantastic. I would like to repeat my experience in Los Asperones and I would like that all person will know this context because there are many prejudices about it.