Values. The importance of values.

Nowadays, there is a great debate about values. A large part of society thinks that they have disappeared and on the other hand it is the most modern society that thinks that only values ​​have changed, this change depends in turn of the technological and social advances that take place in a society.

As we grow we develop in the social, affective, psychomotor and cognitive domain in turn acquiring some or other values ​​of each. The main center of reference is society (family, school, peer group …). “From the time the child leaves home until he reaches the school, his brain receives hundreds of stimuli that will influence the development of his personality “(Arufe, 2011, p.5). All therefore we are a reference, and we as future teachers will also be and with a very important role, since the personality of the individual is formed mainly during his childhood.

Parents begin by instilling values ​​from home, but when inscribing their children in a type of center determine the secondary values ​​that are inculcated. The essential values ​​will always be given independently of the type of center, but for example in a public center will work more secularism and diversity, while in a concert will be given more insistently solidarity, respect for the neighbor … (Ochoa, A, 2014).

Currently there are materials, resources and projects on how to educate in values, an example is a web page ( where we can Find different videos that treat each one about certain values, such as respect, companionship, solidarity … A program also very interesting is the one carried out by the city of Andújar (Jaén), in which we can see different activities to take Out in the classroom with our students to develop and increase the specified values. (Guidance Andújar, 2013)

In addition, we find different methodologies depending on the subject on which values ​​to emphasize in each one, such as the physical education project where stress, motivation, as well as negative values ​​that should not be given.

It is an extremely important topic and nowadays it is easier to work because we find infinite ways of being able to carry out the development of values ​​and also to work specific values ​​grouply and individually in the classroom. Above all, we educate people who must be full of values.



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International Women’s Day.

Today, March 8, it is the International Women’s Day. This is an important day not only for women but for men too.

It is celebrated in order to fight for gender equality, justice, peace and development. Moreover, this day is focused on women in the changing world of work since little by little we are improving this aspect but there is still much to do. Because of the important of this national day, we have had a debate in class about it and we have talked about some interesting aspects.

Do you think nowadays women have the same rights as men? The correct answer is no. For instance, women use to earn less money tan men in their jobs. Moreover, they hardly ever get an important position in companies. A reason of this is that women are who have children and they have to take care of them for a long time while men only have a few free days for paternity. As we can see, there is no equality neither for women nor for men.

The inequality between both gender is due to the society in which we live and we need to change it. But this change has to be made through the effort of both genders in order to achieve something. So what are we waiting for?